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We want to hear how your solution can help businesses, cities and people to create new value, and how it can unleash the power that will support the creation of a new energy future.

Let us know what is the Enel X challenge that you think you can contribute to solve or just let us know what is your idea of cooperating together!


The mission of Enel X is to provide innovative technological solutions to help businesses, cities and people around the world to create New Value by changing the paradigms of the energy industry.

Enel X wants to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility, conscious and efficient consumption as , as well, the generation of electricity from renewable sources, helping companies, cities and individuals to live, work and grow.

Send us your proposal regarding our business:

  • e-Industries, offering large-scale customers innovative services linked to energy consulting, optimization, distributed generation and flexibility solutions such as Demand Response.
  • e-City, offering public administrations and municipalities integrated services and connectivity solutions, like the public lighting services and the wholesale offer of fibre optic services.
  • e-Home, dedicated to residential customers, with services like installation and maintenance of advanced technological solutions aimed to render homes smarter, capable of saving more and more energy and offering greater wellbeing.
  • e-Mobility, covering every type of customer, with the aim of becoming the technological leader in the sector and promoting increasingly widespread and efficient electric mobility with charging infrastructures and Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) services.
  • Fintech: the digital revolution is changing the financial services and payment sector, favoring the entry of new digital operators: the Fintechs. Enel X addresses such a transformation by providing the customer base with new payment methods, financial solutions and value added services.


For more details please download presentations attached below.

Challenge rules

Explain your proposal clearly, attach documents if needed (max 5 files, 25MB total size) and support the idea focusing on the following key drivers:

  • Presentation of the proposal
  • Business potential for Enel
  • Technical feasibility
  • Costs/benefits analysis
  • Innovation level.

What happens next?

An Enel technical panel will evaluate your proposal and might contact you to gather additional information.

  • Your innovative proposal will be evaluated based on technical parameters, economic and business impact for Enel. The presentation of the proposal will also be evaluated.
  • At the end of the assessment, you will receive feedback.
  • In case of success, an Enel contact person will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.


01_Enel Innovation Hubs

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02_ Enel X mission & overview

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04_e-City pitch

PDF (1.35MB) Download

05_e-Industries pitch

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06_e-Home pitch

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07_Financial services pitch

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Enel Open Innovability User Guide

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