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Solve a challenge or propose your new project!

Check out the challenges and help us find innovative solutions. And, if you can’t find a specific challenge that suits your proposal, then you can propose your own new project in line with Enel’s business model. If you are an Enel colleague, you can also be part of special initiatives dedicated to you. Get ready to change the world with us!


Register on the platform and select the Open Challenge(s) that are relevant to your solution. If you do not find any challenges that address your project, you can also submit your own NEW PROJECT!

Submit your proposal

Read the challenge or the initiatives dedicated to “not challenge driven” new projects and the specific rules and regulations carefully. Once you have gathered all the necessary information about your solution or your project, complete and submit the form.


Proposals will go through the assessment and selection stages. At the end of the evaluation process, all participants will receive final feedback and the winners will be notified of the next steps to get the reward.


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Success stories from the challenges

Innovation combines curiosity, positive intention and determination. It has the power to change the world. Discover the solutions to global challenges that support the energy transition: thank you to all of our Innovators for your commitment and contributions in solving our challenges and creating a more sustainable future!