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Open Innovability®

Innovation and sustainability leverage a global ecosystem to power the future


Opportunities evaluated

We continuously scout for new opportunities through our hubs and launch Innovability® driven open challenges to connect Enel with the global Innovability® ecosystem.




Of which +450 are with startups. We co-create with startups, SMEs and large companies through our international community of partners, resources, customers and data.


Through 1,100 projects activated we have transformed ideas into business solutions, bridging Enel's sustainable vision and new technologies.

Innovation Hubs

We have a global innovation hub and lab network that works with local ecosystems to expand on our vision to promote open innovation and sustainability.

Changing the future of energy

As businesses continue to keep changing their workflows and become more digital than ever before, we leverage new technologies and continue to work together to empower sustainable progress.


We believe that open power, open innovation and sustainability can solve world problems. Our vision is to drive the energy transition by collaborating with startups, entrepreneurs, companies and anyone who aspires to create solutions that have the potential to reshape the world.

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We are looking for the protagonists of the future, those who dare to dream big and are ready to turn innovative ideas into real and impactful projects with us. Through our tested Open Innovability® methodology we work with you to create solutions that can transform the future of business.

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If you want to join the Open Innovability® community and make your mark, check out our open challenges and help us find innovative solutions. Get ready to change the world with us!
Extending wind blades to maximize power production

Enel Green Power (EGP) is a global leader company in the development and management of energy production from renewable sources, with a total installed capacity of 52 GW based on an integrated portfolio composed of wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal technologies. Wind turbines generate clean energy by harnessing wind power, and EGP desires a retrofit solution to extend turbine blades within existing wind farms to maximize power production.

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