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Our commitment to sustainable progress

Together with our stakeholders, we work to ensure the sustainable progress of society, anticipating its needs and priorities. We are proactive, and capable of intercepting innovation and looking beyond, to make our company and the communities in which we operate more prosperous, more inclusive and resilient, without leaving anyone behind.

Our sustainability strategy

The strategy we have developed is based on a vision of the future and progress centered on sustainability as a key and essential element for meeting the global challenges of the transition to a decarbonized economy.

At the heart of our strategy is the ambition to contribute to building a fairer and more inclusive society along the entire value chain, protecting the environment in which we live and creating opportunities for the future of our company and for our stakeholders, without leaving anyone behind.


The main sustainability stakeholders

Net-Zero ambition

We have made a commitment to bring forward our 'Net-Zero' trajectory for both direct and indirect emissions by 10 years, from 2050 to 2040. We are committed to achieving a value of zero emissions, without the use of any carbon removal technology or nature-based solutions, with regard to energy generation and the sales of electricity and natural gas to end customers.


How we performed in 2021

gCO2eq/kWh Specific emissions CO2 (Scope 1)
Power generation from renewable sources (% of total)*

* Includes production from managed capacity


Our goals

Reduction of CO2 direct emissions of (Scope 1) by 2030 vs 2017
Energy production from renewable sources by 2030 (% of total)*

* Includes production from managed capacity


Find out more in the Sustainability Report

Futur-e Teruel

The Futur-e initiative seeks to breathe new life into thermal power plants, promoting the development of economic activities and the creation of new jobs.

Energy Compact

In 2021 Enel, as part of the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy (HLDE), announced the Energy Compacts, a set of voluntary commitments aimed at accelerating the achievement of SDG 7 - ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy systems for all - and zeroing net emissions.


We want to enable the electrification of our customers' energy demand by offering a reliable and sustainable service. We are committed to upgrading the networks and infrastructure and accompanying customers on the path to transforming their energy habits to significantly improve their quality of life.


How we performed in 2021

Charging points*
End users with active smart meters
Electricity and gas customers

* Public and private. The figure includes interoperability points. 157,000 charging points have been installed.


Our goals

Charging points as of 2030*
End users with active smart meters as of 2030

* Public and private. The figure includes interoperability points. 157,000 charging points have been installed.


Find out more in the Sustainability Report

Grid Futurability®

Grid Futurability® represents the new long-term strategy to renew, upgrade, and expand networks through 2030. Going beyond more traditional technology investments, it takes into account the different needs of customers in both rural and urban contexts, taking a fresh look at the integration of networks in the local area and with communities, thus ensuring a fair and inclusive transition.

"Programa de recambio"

The Program to replace wood-burning stoves with electric air-conditioning systems is an initiative implemented in Chile to offset emissions from production companies.


The sustainable quality of the relationships we establish with stakeholders lies at the center of our commitment. We are committed to building an inclusive working environment for our people on a daily basis, enhancing diversity and uniqueness and promoting individual development. We promote the economic and social development of the communities in which we operate and involve our suppliers to raise the level of awareness about sustainability issues.


How we performed in 2021

Women managers and middle managers
Million beneficiaries of projects to ensure access to clean and affordable energy*
Qualified suppliers for health and safety, environmental and human rights aspects

* Cumulated values since 2015.


Our goals

Women managers and middle managers as of 2024
Million beneficiaries of projects to ensure access to clean and affordable energy as of 2030*
Qualified suppliers for health and safety, environmental and human rights aspects as of 2024

* Cumulated values since 2015.


Find out more in the Sustainability Report

In the last two years, together with CSR Europe – the European network dedicated to sustainability, Enel has been promoting multi-stakeholder initiatives and dialogues on the just transition and the future of work. In 2021 the Group collaborated with the network on the Inclusion Think Tank project, which brought together companies, NGOs and institutional representatives to take stock of the main challenges and opportunities arising from the pandemic crisis, with a particular focus on the future of work and on three themes: i) Work-Life balance: Extended well-being; ii) New Skills; iii) Diversity & Inclusion. The discussions were followed by the drafting of the Blueprint “Companies and the Inclusive Society”, that highlighted the key role of human resources in the integration process of new approaches to work activities (creativity, innovation, and the development of human capital) and to ensure a renewed interest in the needs of employees, well-being, and inclusion. The document was presented during the plenary session “Creating a Future-Proof and Inclusive Work”, at the European SDG Summit, which was also attended by the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Integration as well as the Enel Chairman.

WIRED: Connecting intercultural skills

An awareness-building course on cognitive/relational dynamics from an intercultural perspective, aimed at creating a single language among the ethnic and cultural realities present within the Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation Business Line.

Sustainability Wonders - The digitalization of schools in the vicinity of our facilities

The Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation program created with the aim of collecting and internally enhancing the best sustainability projects in generation plants, using a digital sharing platform to learn and replicate positive experiences around the world.

Supplier Program

Program aimed at supporting the growth path of companies in our supply chain through access to favorable conditions compared to market conditions and direct support for certain services.


Environmental sustainability is a daily commitment to preserve and conserve nature and biodiversity by reducing and mitigating the potential negative effects on the planet that might result from the Group's various activities, to protect present and future generations.


How we performed in 2021

Total waste recovered
Projects for the protection of biodiversity
Hectares of restored habitat

Our goals

Reduction of specific water requirement as of 2030 (vs 2017)
Reduction of specific SO2 emissions as of 2030 (vs 2017)
Reduction of specific NOx emissions as of 2030 (vs 2017)

Find out more in the Sustainability Report

In recent years, issues relating to nature and biodiversity have been moving up global sustainability agendas and new stakeholders and multilateral initiatives are emerging to set targets and stimulate the development of increasingly ambitious policies to preserve biodiversity. Enel is actively engaged, cooperating with the most relevant global stakeholders and taking part in multi-stakeholder initiatives and dialogues. The leading initiatives launched in 2021 and particularly worthy of note are:

  • Membership of the Science Based Target Network, a project that, following in the footsteps of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) concerning climate change, will outline a process to identify specific improvement targets for the conservation of nature and biodiversity.
  • The collaboration with Business for Nature, launched in September 2020 with the signing of the call to action “Nature is everyone’s business”. Specifically, Enel is involved in the organization’s commitment to upgrading the goals of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, which has been compared to the Paris Climate Agreement in terms of international relevance and is due to be adopted at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP 15). Through this network, Enel also joined the business delegation for the pre-COP 15 negotiations in Geneva, in March 2022.
  • Membership of the platform Biodiversity & Industry of CSR Europe, which aims to provide a framework for integrating biodiversity into companies’ decision-making processes.
  • Participation in the multi-stakeholder dialogue promoted by the WBCSD to clarify the concept of “Nature Positive”, which has led to the drafting of the report “What does nature-positive mean for business?”
  • Membership of the TNFD Forum, a consultation group to support the new Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) that is working on defining a global framework for companies and financial institutions for the assessment and reporting of risks and opportunities linked to nature and biodiversity, by 2023.

Furthermore, several global initiatives have recently been launched to define metrics and approaches for evaluating sustainability in economic sectors in terms of their impacts on biodiversity. The most significant ones include that of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which outlines general reference metrics concerning the use of land and water, and within the European Commission, the definition of the biodiversity taxonomy, which by 2022 will provide a common classification of economic activities that contribute to protecting and regenerating biodiversity and ecosystems.

"La Primavera" (Spring)

The project is designed to compensate for compulsory maintenance activities carried out in electricity transmission and distribution networks, including the clearing of vegetation to limit the risk of service interruption or fire outbreaks.


The WaVE (Water Value Enhancement) project has enabled an assessment of the use of water resources at all production sites, thermoelectric and renewable, to plan specific and innovative improvement actions, particularly in areas defined as "water stressed".

Growth accelerators

Growth accelerators, innovation, circular economy and digitalization incorporate and strengthen all the areas of Enel's sustainability strategy, accelerating the path to sustainable progress. We are constantly committed to finding innovative solutions, to reduce material consumption along the entire value chain and develop business models and new digital solutions.


How we performed in 2021

Proofs of Concept launched
Solutions adopted in business
Circularity improvement

Our goals

Proofs of Concept to test innovative solutions in the period 2022-2024
Scale-up solutions to speed up the implementation of the Strategic Plan in the period 2022-2024
Circularity improvement as of 2030

Find out more in the Sustainability Report

Sicily in support of the global energy revolution: the Hub & Lab and Gigafactory in Catania, hydrogen in Carlentini

Catania Hub & Lab is one of the largest and most advanced industrial innovation districts in the sphere of renewable technologies at the international level, where the performance and reliability of solar panels are tested, providing useful data to support investments for the installation of new systems. In Carlentini, in the province of Syracuse, we also launched NextHy, an initiative to stimulate the growth of the entire green hydrogen ecosystem.

Practical applications of the Intellectual Property Reporting methodology: Grid Blue Sky and the 3SUN Factory

By examining projects, it is possible to identify technological and intangible components, which take the form of technological, organizational, economic, financial, and marketing aspects, as well as specific production know-how and the related forms of protection.


Our commitment to respecting human rights along the entire value chain lies at the heart of our strategy to contribute to sustainable progress. We uphold sound governance, supporting the interests of all relevant stakeholders, and we promote the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety objectives.


How we performed in 2021

Injuries with absence from work frequency rate, combined for Enel people and contractors
Women on the Enel SpA Board of Directors
Training hours on human rights topics

Our goals

Injuries with absence from work frequency rate, combined for Enel people and contractors in 2024
Safety Extra Checking on-Site in 2024

Find out more in the Sustainability Report

Safety 4 Lone workers

We are continually looking for innovative solutions for monitoring health conditions during work to prevent and quickly manage potential hazardous and/or emergency situations.

Our commitment to sustainable progress


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