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AppQuality leverages its potential thanks to 3.5M funding round

AppQuality leverages its potential thanks to 3.5M funding round

AppQuality is an Italian startup that helps companies build high-quality apps and websites, focusing on providing an excellent experience. Recently, it received a 3.5-million-euro funding round to continue developing its project.


Good news is always welcome, but even more so during difficult times such as those we are currently facing. That’s why the latest updates from the Italian startup AppQuality, which we’ve been working with since 2017, are so gratifying. The company has just received a funding round of 3.5 million euros by venture capital firm P101.

The startup was founded in 2015 to deliver a unique and memorable user experience for apps, websites and smart devices thanks to a cloud-based platform, based on real users and UX experts who collaborate by providing feedback. This round of funding represents a great opportunity that will allow AppQuality to go even further.

“Receiving the funding round in the middle of the pandemic was a great sign for the market but also for our team: it’s very encouraging, even more so during this worldwide economic crisis. It means that digital quality is recognised as vital for businesses”, says Luca Manara, co-founder of AppQuality. Manara also believes that it conveys a strong message to other entrepreneurs: “The attention to online quality is growing, and companies need to make their digital products user-friendly if they want to stay afloat”.

After an “amazingly hectic year” with eight new profiles added to the team, a triple increase in turnover, an expanded portfolio of clients and new test campaigns in South Korea, Spain and the USA, “the financial round was the icing on the cake”, says Manara. With this help, AppQuality will be better positioned to achieve the big plans defined for the next few years – improving the platform’s performance and boosting international expansion. “The hard work and passion of the team made it happen”.


Demanding clients, powerful solutions

AppQuality has continued to evolve with a single vision in mind: usability is becoming more relevant every day, and users are demanding more and more intuitive usability experiences. “They are getting used to the fantastic digital experience on Amazon or Airbnb, for example, and they expect all the websites and apps to have the same level of quality and usability”, explains Manara.

In response to the current Covid-19 emergency, the digital audience has broadened and included new generations of consumers, a trend that will continue to grow. “It means not only that expectations are getting higher, but also that the people demanding high-quality products are different from the past”, says the co-founder.

With the client at the centre of development, AppQuality continues to work on the crowdtesting platform at the core of its solution. “It is becoming a sort of ‘collaboration platform’ between managers responsible for developing a new digital service (app, e-commerce site, chatbot, etc.) and final users and skilled UX researchers and testers. Both our clients and testers use the platform; therefore, it has enormous potential”, explains Manara. The company now has a community of 14,000 qualified and certified testers, with the potential “to reach an extended network of 250,000 testers globally”.


A fruitful journey with Enel

AppQuality has recognised our support over the last few years as an important part of its success. “We have reached these results also thanks to the partnership with Enel and because of what we have learned by working closely with Giovanni Barillà and his team. Their enthusiasm and motivation to always keep innovating are inspiring”, says Manara.

The co-founder highlights both our progressive attitude and our reach. “It’s impressive to see how a giant corporation is able to create lean and quick processes. Also, thanks to Enel, other companies abroad found out about AppQuality – and visibility is vital for our goal of expanding our business to other countries. Having Enel among our clients adds to our trustworthiness as partners”. We will keep following the success of this promising startup, as it continuously aims to go further.