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Funding for testing and validating your green hydrogen solution by a third qualified party

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Industrial support from a major energy player and direct connection with business lines

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A dedicated team assisting your startup’s growth every step of the way

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Joint definition of timing and milestones based on your actual needs

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Long-term partnership to be part of large-scale H2 projects globally

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Access to Enel’s global network of Green H2 partners


We want to support and accelerate the industrial development of emerging startups and SMEs that are shaping the future of green H2 technologies in order to lead the net-zero transition. We offer the perfect toolkit to develop and scale your solutions, with both technical and business growth support.

Startup journey

This unique program is consciously designed to help you scale up your solution and ultimately collaborate with us at Enel through the following journey.


See the terms of use when applying.

Why partner with Enel?

Enel is a global energy company leading the energy transition through open innovation and sustainability.

With this methodology, Enel helps create opportunities to scale up innovative technologies that solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Operating countries
Pilots with startups
Scale-ups with startups

One of Enel’s business lines, Enel Green Power (EGP), focuses on the production and management of renewable energy worldwide.

Today, the production costs of green H2 are still at a high point, nevertheless it's also the cleanest source of energy available and it is a potential leading technology in the decarbonization movement of hard-to-abate sectors.

Our goal at EGP is to make green H2 accessible across communities and save up to 560 million m3 of CO2 by 2050 by working with industry key players.

Be part of the H2 revolution with EGP, a global leader in the renewables industry!

Private renewable player (1)
GW of renewable capacity by 2030
GW of H2 capacity by 2030

(1) By installed capacity

In order to meet these goals, EGP has built a roadmap for success that bundles RES electricity and green H2 supply. To accelerate this innovation process and address the needs of hard-to-abate sectors, EGP has identified key strategies that focus on the following two areas:

Application requirements

Your technology will be evaluated based on the following criteria, please include them when you submit your application:

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Strategic fit with Enel’s key areas
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Product & capital cost roadmap
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Technical description & TRL
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Sustainability of materials used
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Lifetime & energy consumption
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Energy storage density

NextHy startup portfolio

Discover the innovative startups who have already joined the program.


On this page, you will find a button labeled “Apply now!” which will take you to the application form.

You are eligible to apply with your solution at any given time! Enel is looking for emerging startups/SMEs to collaborate with and become more competitive within the green H2 market.

The official language of the program is English.

Your proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Technical description and TRL of the technology: provide the actual size of the prototype, any tests carried out, technology patents registered or under registration and any other additional information that could be useful to characterize the product.
  • Lifetime & Energy consumption: declare the targeted operating hours or number of complete cycles by 2030 and if possible, any test results as of date. Also, provide the actual and the expected energy consumption (kWh/kg_H2) of the technology.
  • Product and capital Cost Roadmap: provide details about foreseen scale of the product and necessary go-to-market time as well as the strategy to achieve the target cost in terms of technological and system design improvements and manufacturing scale and process automation.
  • Sustainability of materials used: provide evidence about the actual and foreseen use of critical raw materials by 2030, highlighting sustainability and safety aspects of the adopted chemical materials.
  • (Only for storage solutions) Energy Density: provide actual and expected energy density of the system (Wh/kg or Wh/L).

The program will provide your startup/SME with funding for testing and reporting at a scientific lab.

You will also have access to dedicated and fast-track support for your technical and business growth based on your specific needs and covering the following areas: public and private finance, business development, marketing and communications and HR.

Additionally, you will be able to connect with the main H2 stakeholders, participate in events, be involved in related initiatives, etc.

The program is completely dedicated to your company. Together we will define the timing and milestones based on your needs and the goals we want to reach. After this first phase of your prototype’s testing and business growth, the goal is to continue with a long-term collaboration with Enel to validate the technology at an industrial level. 

No. The business growth support we provide will be available remotely. Even if remote, there will be opportunities to meet with experts and to network to expand your business. Of course, if you want to create an office in Europe, we can also help you in defining the best strategy.

The testing and validation of your solution will be held at one of our scientific labs around the world. This will depend on your technology and where your startup is originally based.

The program is completely free. We are interested in a long-term collaboration with your startup and thus will be working together with you to evaluate the best terms of return that should be included in the agreement. 

Our H2 Team will evaluate your proposal based on the criteria specified and if your solution is interesting, we will contact you to discuss next steps; if not, we will let you know within a month.

No. As long as your startup meets the above requirements (also stated in the terms and conditions), any startup from around the world is eligible to apply.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us

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