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Circular economy is one of the pillar of sustainable development; it’s a model created to address the sustainability needs of the planet and represents an extraordinary opportunity to increase our competitiveness.

Circularity in power generation sector concerns the construction and management of power plants or dismantling them but, looking at our business and daily activities, there is much more than this.



Global Power Generation believes that sustainability is not just limited to the mitigation of climate change, but it must involve the systemic adoption of solutions and behaviors applied to all business areas and processes. Circularity is part of the solution and we ask you to share your ideas and proposals.

If you believe that your idea could be an opportunity for enhancing power generation circularity, this is the time to share it.

Global Power Generation, through Enel Green Power S.p.A., is looking for ideas to be implemented in the power generation business that rely on a circular economy approach and based on the following main five pillars:

  • New materials, replacing current materials with sustainable ones (i.e. wood instead of concrete).
  • Extended life, designing assets and projects in a way that their useful life can be extended as far as possible (e.g. design for disassembly, modularity, repairing, flexibility or biodegradability, as well as for enabling reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishment or repowering).
  • Sharing, increasing the load and usage factor through assets and/or resources sharing (i.e. the diffusion of public transportation)
  • Product as a service, selling the use, not the ownership (i.e. the diffusion of apps for mobility sharing, such as bikes and electric mopeds).
  • New life cycles, designing the end of life according to these priorities: first reuse, than remanufacture and as last option recycle.

Do it better, do it circular!



Proposals should highlight the benefits of the idea from an environmental and economic point of view and the expected impact on the business, in order to allow a deep and complete evaluation.



Explain your proposal clearly, including all the information (datasheet, techno-economic analysis, pictures) that can help in the evaluation phase; it’s possible attach documents (Max 5 files, 35MB for each one. PDF, JPEG, ZIP formats supported) if needed.

You can submit your proposal in your own language, even if one of the three main languages of Open Innovability portal (English, Italian and Spanish) are preferred.

This challenge provides contribution to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world: 

  • SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Challenge rules

The challenge is addressed to all colleagues worldwide, employed in Global Power Generation at the moment of the submission. 

Ideas can be submitted by a single proponent or a team composed of maximum 4 participants, to be specified in the description of the idea.

The challenge has no expiration date, but a technical panel will evaluate ideas submitted in a 4-month timespan.

The awardees will receive a “limited edition” item developed with a circular approach and a shadowing, training/learning experience, focused on circular economy culture and mindset change. 

All proposers are invited to read carefully the challenge and the regulation of this contest (attached at the bottom of this page) before submitting a solution. By submitting a solution they automatically accept the Regulations other than the Terms of Use of this platform. 


20210215_Do it Better, do it circular challenge - Program Regulation

PDF (0.42MB) Baixe

What happens next?

Enel will evaluate the proposal using the following criteria:

  • Compliance to Circular economy pillars;
  • Overall scientific and technical feasibility of the proposed solution;
  • Economic potential of concept (e.g. Total Cost of Ownership);
  • Business potential for Enel;
  • Novelty and creativity.


At the end of the assessment, you will receive feedback.

In case of success, the Evaluation team will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps, in order to communicate the details of the awards and the possibility to be engaged in the implementation of the solution.

Awardees will also be involved in dedicated communication initiatives to valorize and appraise the best contributions. 


20210215_Do it Better, do it circular challenge - Program Regulation

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