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The Seeker is looking to identify a partner that can develop a web-based or smartphone application that provides real-time natural language cognitive and predictive virtual assistance to help customers in pre-trip (planning, purchase), on trip (e.g. in case of disruption to optimize the planned journeys) and post-trip (e.g. suggestion of customized ancillary services), in order to support integrated (multimodal) journey planning.



Seamless and “frictionless” mobility in cities is a key challenge of current societies. Particularly challenging is the scenario where disruptions occur and the citizens need an alternative route to get to their destination with minimum delays and/or impact. Currently, in such situations, the burden is entirely put on the citizens to organize themselves and look for those alternative solutions that will allow them to complete their journey.

Various applications (web based or smartphone) partially address these needs, but to the Seeker’s understanding, none has the “full package”. The Challenge is even greater for players in this field if one wants to give citizens a tool that:

  1. Assists them in real-time during the entire lifetime of the journey (pre-trip, during the trip/disruption, and post-trip, and 
  2. Includes multi-transportation modes in the initial planning of the journey and real-time assistance

The Challenges are well-known in the industry and include:

  • Lack of integration between mobility/transportation alternatives
  • The number of operators and databases to have access to is high and the real-time request implies a lot of work
  • Data transport heterogeneity and lack of transport data standard/protocol, that cause problems in real-time access and integration
  • Customer reluctance to pay for alternatives, as well as different customer profiles that influence their needs and favourite choices
  • Strong complexity and variety of the possible concurrent disruption events (e.g. many possible different traffic disruptions, many possible transportation solutions, many kind of customer profiles), is very hard to predict efficient and personalized alternative routes

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge; the Solver will only need to submit a written proposal to be evaluated by the Seeker with the goal of establishing a collaborative partnership.

For questions about the challenge and your proposal you can contact EnelOpenInnovabilityChallenges@innocentive.com
For technical support about the submission you can contact OpenInnovability-support@enel.com



The Seeker is looking to identify a partner that can develop a web-based or smartphone application that provides real-time natural language cognitive and predictive virtual assistance to help customers in pre-trip (planning, purchase), on trip (e.g. in case of disruption to optimize the planned journeys) and post-trip (e.g. suggestion of customized ancillary services), in order to support integrated (multimodal) journey planning.

The Seeker is primarily interested in solutions with the potential to meet the following Solution Requirements:

Must have:

  1. The primary uses of the application are journey planning AND real-time virtual assistance during the entire lifecycle of the journey
  2. The application must work with multimodal transportation during a single journey and include various transportation modes (e.g. train, bike, car-sharing, car-pooling, taxi, etc). The multimodal choices should be ranked according to the Sustainable Development Goals 7911 and 13, giving preference to sustainable vehicles
  3. The application must account for different types of disruptions, including (but not limited to):
    • Transport companies strikes
    • Critical weather events
    • Any transport courier service irregularity (delay) /stoppage
    • Traffic congestions due to critical events or accidents
  4. The main functions of the application should include:
    • Sending real-time alerts
    • Generating alternative routes through cognitive engine
    • Virtual vocal cognitive real time travel assistant
    • Customized ancillary services proposition
    • Point of Interest customized proposition
    • Heatmap travelers data flows
    • Congestion underground/train best coach
    • Natural language interaction
    • Frictionless payment modes (e.g. account based ticketing, ticketless and pay per use modes, etc.)

 Nice to have:

  1. The application should allow to collect data about the customer’s profiles and behaviour, allowing to provide dedicated journeys and assistance that reflect the customer’s mobility preferences. For example to know where multimodal mobility is more often use and/or a more dense recharging infrastructure is requested
  2. A solid business model that supports the economic sustainability of the application

The Seeker is open to all possibilities, including opportunities that are available for licensing or involving exclusive rights for the development of the proposed technology.

The submitted proposals should include two parts:

  1. Collaboration Proposal including:
    • A description of the proposed solution with an explanation of how the Solver proposes to address ALL the Solution Requirements and overcome potential barriers in the development of a suitable solution. The Solver can withhold proprietary information, if necessary, but should provide convincing evidence for ENEL to appreciate the merits of the approach and be comfortable that the solution can effectively work;
    • A brief discussion of capabilities and relevant prior experience that are relevant for the development of the solution and success of the post-Challenge collaboration;
    • The Solver should explain what they can provide and what might be required of the Seeker. For example: “I can provide with the expertise, but I would need the Seeker to facilitate access to data”;
    • A brief overview of the proposed path forward along with a plan for validation (e.g. deliverables, timelines, milestones, and cost estimates).
  2. General Information about the Solver including:
    • The key contact person for this Challenge (including phone number and email address).
    • Organization/Company/University name and address (including website, if available)

(NOTE: For most Challenges, Solvers are not allowed to include personal contact information; however, for an eRFP Challenge, it is required.)

Challenge rules

This is an electronic Request-for-Partners (eRFP) Challenge. The Solver will write a preliminary proposal (about 5-10 pages, including supporting non-confidential information and contact details) to be evaluated by the Seeker with a goal of establishing a collaborative partnership. Upon completion of the evaluation, the Seeker may contact selected Solvers directly to work out terms for a collaboration contract. The monetary value of the contract will vary depending on the amount of work to be delivered and the agreed upon time frame.


  • Only proposals from Solvers who have the ability to work as the collaboration partner will be considered. The Seeker will award the best proposal(s) from a pool of $5,000 USD before moving into the discussion of the partnership terms.
  • The Seekers are strongly committed to this project and are highly ambitious; with that in mind, only proposals that can present and support a strong case that their proposed solution will work will be considered for a collaboration.
  • This challenge has a specific Regulations and it is available as attachment at the end of this page. Read the Regulations to see terms and conditions of this challenge and to see if you can take part to the contest. All proposers are invited to read it keeping in mind that submitting a solution they automatically accept the Regulations other than the Terms of Usage of this platform.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (CET) on June 27, 2018. Late submissions will not be considered.

What happens next?

If the Seeker identifies the Solver as a potential partner, they will contact the Solver directly to discuss the potential partnership and contract terms for such a research collaboration. Neither party is obligated to work together until a mutually agreeable arrangement is reached.

InnoCentive collaborates with Enel to manage this challenge.
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