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Enuan transforms customer service thanks to Al

Enuan transforms customer service thanks to Al

Italian startup Enuan, which has been working with Enel since 2018, has created a conversational platform based on natural language, using Artificial Intelligence to speed up interaction.


“Time is the new gold.” This is how Lorenzo Asuni, Head of Marketing at Enuan, sums up the main goal of this Italian startup: to value and optimise people’s time. “We know how important time is to customers, employees and our company’s clients. That’s why we have developed an immediate and smart solution capable of supporting customers and businesses, using Artificial Intelligence to optimise interactions with Virtual Agents, Chatbot and Voicebot” Asuni says.

Enuan is an “end-to-end conversational platform based on natural language processing that is able to identify the intent of the incoming request from the customer,” explains Asuni. Operating in more than 20 different languages and through a variety of potential channels – phone calls, SMS, Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Telegram and WhatsApp – the platform is supported by automatic tailored processes that track customer preferences and information.

With this optimised solution for Virtual Agents, Chatbot and Voicebot, human operatives are required solely to provide skilled assistance concerning specific issues, which in reality represent “less than 10% of situations,” explains the Head of Marketing. This makes Enuan an immediate, 24/7 smart solution for optimising interactions, all made possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

"Work as if you came directly from the future!"

Lorenzo Asuni, Head of Marketing of Enuan


A superior service experience thanks to AI

For Asuni, innovation means “pinpointing problems and needs, and looking for different approaches that have the potential to disrupt the entire sector and market.” In fact, this disruption is set to arrive sooner rather than later as by 2020, 25% of customer service and support operations will be integrating virtual customer assistant technology across engagement channels, up from less than 2% in 2017, according to Gartner research.

Big data is central to how Enuan understands customer service performance and is used to ensure data-driven decisions. This product can be used by all kinds of businesses that choose to digitalise their customer service and contact centres, offering a smart and innovative solution that provides significant cost optimisation. The company is already working with Enel, Tim Italia, Tim Brasil, TNT, Blue Panorama, BonPrix, Uvet Amex, FS Brasil, Lottomatica and Kena Mobile in Italy, Brazil, Spain and United Kingdom. Providing support to 10 million customers annually, the platform has saved these companies 20 million dollars per year.

In addition to existing clients, Enuan has ambitious plans. “We aim to be the best conversational partner for businesses, helping them to provide support for their customers every day in a smarter and faster way,” says Asuni. Enuan’s current goal is to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence for customer support, with a focus on new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the future and open the door to new approaches, such as voice assistants and smart cities.


A partnership with a futuristic vision

The relationship between Enel and Enuan started back in 2018. “We proposed our idea and vision to Enel as a revolutionary approach with a virtual agent and Artificial Intelligence applied to customer service. Their enthusiasm matched the size of the challenge we faced,” says Asuni. “So far, we have walked this long journey together with one main focus: to innovate in customer support with a service solution that can have a tremendous impact with limited digitalisation.”

For Enuan, Enel’s support has been decisive in achieving the startup’s goals. “Enel was fundamental in improving our business approach and matching customer needs with company needs,” Asuni declares. He highlights Enel’s visionary approach combined with its large-scale dimensions within the energy sector as key factors in developing innovative work together. “When no one was thinking about the potential of AI in customer support, we were already working with Enel to develop a futuristic solution.” The future is now, and Enuan is determined to play a leading role in it.