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In order to generate value for healthcare professionals and patients in light of the COVID-19 crisis, Opinno has developed the Beat The Vid challenge which aims at improving the prevention, detection, treatment, monitoring and logistics of the virus, as well as helping the recovery and normalization of the healthcare system.

Through openinnovability.com, Enel is supporting the project born as an initiative of Opinno.

To apply, you will be redirected to the Beat The Vid platform.



Due to the current emergency state generated by the COVID-19 many healthcare systems around the world have been severely impacted. Survival during times of crisis means change, transformation and adapting to a different way of life; but how can we adapt to a future without improving the present?

In order to solve the current health and social issues derived from COVID-19, as well as future epidemics, Beat the Vid is looking for start-ups and entrepreneurs from any technological background with technological projects aimed at improving the prevention, detection, treatment, monitoring and supply logistics relating to the virus.

Together, we aim to not only monitor the physical and emotional state of patients throughout the pandemic, but also support our healthcare systems and employees around the world that risk their lives every day to fight the spread of the virus.

Beat the Vid seeks to identify and connect with the best agents in the healthcare ecosystem in order to implement solutions with the greatest impact. We invite you to participate and help us defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.



Participate in one or more of Beat the Vid's six challenges to help generate a positive impact through innovation

  • New Normal

How can we help with the recovery and normalization of the healthcare sector?

  • Prevention

How can we prevent future outbreaks of the virus and minimize its impact on healthcare facilities?

  • Diagnosis

How can we diagnose the virus in an efficient, reliable and remote way?

  • Treatment

How can we ensure access to basic means of treatment for all hospitalized patients?

  • Monitoring

How can we ensure the continuous monitoring of infected patients?

  • Supply

How can we improve the logistical supply of medical equipment?



Each participant may submit as many solution proposals as they wish, to one or more of the challenges, independently of each other. To do so, please sign up and complete the form through the Beat The Vid platform with the information required to describe each of these solutions.

This challenge provides contribution to the following sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world:

  • SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Challenge rules


You can apply and read the Terms and Conditions through the Beat The Vid platform.

Call open until further notice*.

*The proposals will be evaluated based on the incoming applicants.

Beat the Vid initiative aims to bring visibility and connect participating entrepreneurs and start-ups with the main stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Beat the Vid's vision is to generate greater awareness about companies that are taking on the fight against COVID-19 in order to create new synergies and greater solutions.

Explain your proposal clearly in English or Spanish.

The proposals will be admitted indefinitely until the challenge is closed.

All startups and entrepreneurs are invited to participate in any of the Beat The Vid challenges.

By submitting a solution, solvers automatically accept the initiative’s Terms and Conditions available through the Beat The Vid platform.

What happens next?

Beat the Vid will evaluate the proposal using the following criteria:

  • Time of development and delivery to the beneficiaries: the proposed solution must be able to be developed within a maximum period of 6 months. Those solutions that present a faster time of development and implementation will be valued positively.
  • Benefit and/or main focus of the aid on the following groups:
    • People who are among the most vulnerable in society, such as elderly dependents, people living in the same housing unit with another infected person, or people with disabilities or functional diversity, among others.
    • Social agents who are carrying out critical front-line tasks in the fight against Covid-19: healthcare personnel and/or workers who provide key services (supply of basic necessities, cleaning, transport of supplies and patients, security of critical infrastructures, etc.).
    • People who are coordinating the fight against the virus: emergency management and coordination personnel and/or government/autonomous decision makers.
  • Leverage on resources already available, potentially underutilized, or immediately available:
    • Human capital for different necessary tasks: with knowledge of laboratory techniques for PCR testing, medicine, first aid, health crisis management; engineering, design of medical devices, homologation; clothing, materials, textile manufacturing techniques; web development, of applications, of other software to support decision-making, management of resources in hospitals, warehouses, field workers, etc.
    • Available elements or raw materials that can be used for new purposes, such as, for example, to build and distribute necessary goods (masks, respirators, protective suits, etc.) and/or to distribute psychological care, logistic support, neighbourhood support, etc.

At the end of the assessment, you will receive feedback.

In case of success, a contact person will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.



Opinno is a global innovation consulting firm that transforms organizations through collaborative and sustainable methodologies. Opinno understands innovation as a process that starts by listening to people and ends with the design and prototyping of new products and services that generate an impact on society.

After years of working with the world's most innovative organizations, the three key values that support their success have been synthesized:

  • An organization connected to the ecosystem, eliminating barriers to entry. Expanding the ability to capture value beyond the boundaries of one's own organization is indispensable.
  • An agile organization, where cycles are shorter and uncertainty greater, reducing time from conceptualization to market.
  • A customer-centric organization: the customer is more powerful than ever. The whole organization must be oriented to understand their reality and to offer them solutions adapted to their personal preferences.

In line with Opinno's Corporate Social Responsibility and to generate an impact on society through innovation, the aim is to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on citizens' lives. This is done by focusing on two areas:

  • Opinno's experience in the health industry, especially in the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors;
  • Opinno's ecosystem of innovation which provides access to a global knowledge network, thanks to initiatives such as Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review and various corporate open innovation programs that we have been implementing for 10 years.

The objectives of this initiative are:

  • To contribute to the sustainability of the national healthcare system by enhancing the value of Opinno's international innovation network and the various partners who join the initiative.
  • Attract the best national and international talent that can help the healthcare system overcome some of the countries in the emergency situation.
  • To bring the most impactful solutions to the different healthcare ecosystems, contributing to the improvement of the emergency situation.