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Extreme E and Enel Foundation are pleased to announce a pilot project for the year 2021. Scientific researchers will be given dedicated time, during transits between each Extreme E race location, in order to conduct research and outreach programs whilst onboard the ship; St. Helena. We encourage researchers to join us on this program by competitively applying for our newly designed open call.

Through openinnovability.com, Enel is supporting the project born as an initiative of Extreme E and Enel Foundation.

To apply, you will be redirected to the Extreme E website.


Extreme E and Enel Foundation would like to see research projects and research groups that are well-constructed, diverse and inclusive. We encourage all researchers to have at least two applicants stated on their proposals; one of whom ideally is from one of the countries where an Extreme E race will be conducted.

All submitted research projects will be considered, however each submission needs to fulfil the following criteria to be in with a chance of being selected:

  • Research project can be conducted during any leg of the St. Helena’s global voyage;
  • No or very minimal mobilisation requirements are necessary;
  • No or very minimal changes to voyage track and/or timing or schedule requirements are necessary (this includes projects that require the ship to stop or slow down for regular equipment deployment).


All research projects must fit within the theme of ‘Racing for the planet’ and have a focus on understanding climate change and/or consequences, adaptation and mitigation pathways of this phenomenon. Such research projects could be from a broad range of sciences, (e.g. atmospheric science, oceanographic or biology) and should have discrete ship-based activities (e.g. meteorological observations, water sampling or mammal observation) at the core of them.



The St. Helena is 104m in length and was previously used by the Royal Mail. She has now been refitted for Extreme E’s use. In 2021 the ship will be transiting at approximately 10 knots within the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and North and South Atlantic. The ship track will be determined by the captain and there is no opportunity to change this for scientific purposes unless previously agreed prior to boarding. Leg 1 will be from the UK to Saudi Arabia over February and March 2021. The other confirmed legs of the ship’s voyage will be shared at Extreme E’s Virtual Global Series Launch event on 27th October 2020. Please note, Extreme E has every intention of running to schedule but due to the uncertainty globally with regards to Covid-19, locations and exact dates will be subject to change; any changes potentially with little notice due to factors outside of the control of Extreme E.

Challenge rules


You can read all the details, the Regulation and send your application through the Extreme E website.

The deadline to send the application is 2020, November 27th.

What happens next?

For more details and to send your application, please visit Extreme E website.