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We want to work with the best startups worldwide, offering our expertise, opening the doors of our laboratories and guaranteeing the resources required to develop better solutions in a faster way.

Our Innovation Hubs are the point of contact between Enel and the ecosystem, able to connect the brightest minds to the opportunities of a Group present in 32 countries and with 70 million customers around the world.


We aim at finding innovative and scalable technological solutions with the potential to bring radical change to the energy sector and we want to do this with the best startups.

Together with GAN we want to find solutions for the following challenges:


1) Innovative Materials for Wind Blades and Solar Panels Structures

The materials should provide at least the same level of performance of those currently used or higher and have to be highly recyclable and sustainable.

We are currently not interested in new materials for components of solar panels but just for the mounting structures.

All the solutions should have an application to utility scale plants.

The goals we want to achieve through this challenge are:

  • More Efficiency: efficient technologies to maximize the valorization of resources and to reduce production costs;
  • Less Impact: new solutions to minimize impact on ecosystems and reduce land occupation;
  • More Circularity: new sustainable materials and circular by design concepts aiming to develop new life cycles;

TRL: >7


2) Hydrogen

We are interested only in green hydrogen technologies. Our goal is to pair electrolyzers with our renewable sources.

The technologies we are interested in are:

  • Electrolyzers: new generation of electrolyzers able to combine high performance with low costs and flexibility.
  • Storage and Handling: alternatives to pressurized vessels, to increase storage capacity and reduce the cost of transport from production to off-taker;
  • System Integration: innovative integration schemes to achieve higher flexibility and efficiency;

TRL: >4


3) Wellness for Employees

We looking for innovative technological solutions and/or approaches that could be introduced to improve our employees' wellbeing.

The highest priority technologies for this challenge are those that address any of these four key elements of employee wellness:

  • Activity/fitness;
  • Workplace safety and compliance;
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression;
  • Social wellness.


Other areas of wellbeing, including nutrition, disease prevention/management, focus/productivity, and financial wellness, are of secondary interest.

The proposed solutions must support employee wellness by either providing feedback to an employee on their health state, actively improving an employee’s health state, or both. Solutions that provide feedback to an employee on their health state may do so continuously or only when queried by the employee. Solutions that improve an employee’s health state may do so directly (for example, by changing a factor in the employee’s environment that is causing the negative health state) or indirectly (for example, by providing information about a solution or reducing barriers to adopting a solution).

The proposed solution must guarantee the privacy of employees and it must not involve any recording of employees’ video and/or images nor record data on employees’ health/wellness.

Taking into account that Enel employees work both in smart working situations and at Enel offices, the proposed solution must provide for easy installation, must be suitable for use in both a smart working and office environment and, moreover, should allow for easy movement depending on the employee's workplace.

In case of language components, the proposed solution must be accessible to Italian, English, and Spanish speakers to ensure accessibility for all employees.

TRL: >7

Challenge rules

All persons submitting proposals are invited to read carefully the Rules of this challenge, attached below in the Attachments section, before submitting a solution.

By submitting a proposal and/or a solution you automatically accept the attached Regulations other than the Terms of Use of this platform.

Explain your proposal clearly in English, attach documents (max 5 files, 25MB total size) if needed.

What happens next?

  1. Click the button “Create my Solution” below to apply to any of the challenges.
  2. Enel will evaluate your proposal, getting in touch with you if additional information is needed.
  3. Following this preliminary evaluation, your proposal will be addressed to the most suitable division of the Group that will perform an analysis based on technical parameters, economic and business impact for Enel. The presentation of the proposal will also be evaluated.
  4. At the end of the assessment, you will receive feedback.
  5. If your proposal is accepted, an Enel contact person will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.


Challenge Rules

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Enel Open Innovability User Guide

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