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Do you have an innovative way to solve range anxiety and long range travels for Electric Vehicles? Tell us how!
One of the main obstacles to the wide acceptance of electric mobility is range anxiety and increased difficulty for long range travels. With the help of engaged users and leveraging social interactions, location, mapping, monitoring and other technologies we in Enel X are sure this can be greatly improved. 
The proposed solutions should help remove all the uncertainties for the EV user and help him plan his trip with charging places and times.


Enel X is looking for ways to increase the adoption of electric mobility and in order to do so is looking for innovative ways to tackle some of its main obstacles, such as range anxiety and managing long range travels.

One of the causes of these problems is the lack of information not only about the location of charging points, but also its availability and type of charging standard and plug. At present the more used plugs in public areas are these: 

  • Type 1 (Yazaki), for recharging up to 7,4 kW in alternating current
  • Type 2 (Mennekes), for recharging up to 43 kW in alternating current
  • CHAdeMO, for recharging at 50 kW in direct current
  • CCS COMBO2, for recharging at 50 kW in direct current and up to 43 kW in alternating current 

Another problem is the fear that when the car arrives to the charging point it will not work or the payment system will not be compatible with her subscription, leaving the user stranded.

The proposed solutions should integrate all the information about every charging point in the area the users is travelling and would engage the users that would be able to update the information in an interactive map in a way that the data can be trusted by other users. 

It should also be able to automatically organize a trip for the user, proposing stops taking into account charging time, location and compatibility of charging stations, suggestions on what to do during the waiting time (having lunch, coffee games for kids…), etc. In this way since the user always knows where to charge the car and how to go from one place to another, it could go a long way towards curing the problems mentioned.

The solutions proposed don’t have to be exactly as described above, so if a different way to solve these problems is proposed it could be evaluated too.

This innovative solutions must be implementable over a 1-year-period, with the aim of improving Enel X’s business within the shortest time possible: the easier to use the solution is, the bigger our step towards the future will be. 

If you think your solution could solve the problem of range anxiety and long range travels for Electric Vehicles, tell us how.

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Challenge rules

This challenge takes place in a non-collaborative environment, meaning that the interaction regarding the submission is private, between ENEL and the proponent.

In the Annex “Enel X s.r.l Electric Mobility Competition Regulations” you can find the complete Regulation of the Challenge, that you will accept once you submit your solution to this challenge.

For technical support you can contact OpenInnovability-support@enel.com

What happens next?

The selected proposals will be rewarded with the possibility to sign a collaboration and testing agreement with Enel X.
In particular, Enel X will provide the winner with:
- the technical support to define characteristics, testing and go to market of the solution proposed, granting access to infrastructures and high-tech locations and co-working areas;
- the chance to being connected to international stakeholders, thanks to the global network of physical Enel Innovation Hubs around the world.

Enel X will bear the costs of the testing activities: for each project the necessary amount and the modalities will be evaluated together with the applicant.

If the test/PoC will be successful, Enel X might offer a concrete opportunity to scale-up the solution by adopting it through commercial agreements. 

If the winning Proposal is submitted by an employee of a company of the Enel Group, the winner Applicant will be awarded with the possibility to be involved during the internal POC set-up activities.


Enel X s.r.l Electric Mobility Competition Regulations (1)

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