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Would you like to participate to the revolution Enel is leading in the renewable energy industry? Submit your application on one or more of our technological priorities and get financial and technical support to develop your solution!


Enel is considering to install PV Floating systems in the areas in which no land or dry surface is available; various advantages are envisaged (e.g. the possibility to reduce the water evaporation from the water basin). Moreover, the possibility to consider water basins for other uses (e.g. Hydroelectric) is under evaluation.
We are searching for quickly deployable and competitive solutions for PV Floating plants

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For technical support you can contact: OpenInnovability-support@enel.com
For questions about the call you can contact: startup@enel.com


Challenge rules

The innovative solutions proposed by a Startup or a SME must have a solid technical and scientific background and they should have been already demonstrated, even at a preliminary stage, in an operational environment.

What happens next?

Enel will provide financial and technical support to develop and test the technologies and solutions selected, both in the Innovation Lab located in Catania and recently renewed with state-of-the-art infrastructures and in real plants. Startups and SMEs will have access to testing infrastructures, high-tech locations and co-working areas, in addition to being connected to national and international stakeholders thanks to the global network of Enel Innovation Hubs.  

The Enel’s investment is equity free and will be in the co-development or in testing activities: for each project the necessary amount and the modalities will be evaluated together with the proposer.

If the test/PoC will be successful, Enel will offer a concrete opportunity to scale-up the solution by adopting it on its own business through commercial agreements. 

Additional services will be offered for free if needed: acceleration program, workstations at the Innovation Hub, support in searching investors and accessing European public funds, support to access the Start-up VISA program by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development.

For all details on the Lab/testing areas and equipment available, please see the attachment.



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