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“Open Minds to the Future” is a challenge of Human Resources Management in which we are looking for great ideas for innovation.

We are searching innovations that help us to let our employees grow their competencies, capabilities and motivations to improve the individual and organizational performance a bit more every day.

We challenge you to think about how will be the Enel’s people of the future. Describe them, tell us something about them, the things they do, the competencies they have, the way in which they learn and how do they work.

According to your vision of the future, we want to know your idea about HR Development, Training, Recruiting, People Care and Diversity Management, projects that can we implement to become the Enel’s People of the Future as soon as possible: you don’t need to be creative, just be free to think and imagine the future, and be brave! Go head... your idea, no matter as simple it may seams to you, could be what we need to change the world.

Remember that great ideas can be about very simple issues, small changes that could have the potential to produce impacts. Every single little impact can be a powerful an step to the future.


Challenge rules

This challenge takes place in a non-collaborative environment, meaning that the interaction regarding the submission is private, between ENEL and the proponent.

What happens next?

An Enel technical panel will evaluate your proposal and might contact you to gather additional information.
- Your innovative proposal will be evaluated based on technical parameters, economic and business impact for Enel. The presentation of the proposal will also be evaluated.
- At the end of the assessment, you will receive feedback.
- In case of success, an Enel contact person will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.