About us

About us

Innovation and sustainability join together to power the energy revolution

About us

Open Innovability® was created by uniting innovation with sustainability-two concepts at the heart of our strategic vision.

We are transforming the energy sector with our open approach to innovation.

Through our active open challenges, we crowdsource the best international talent, ideas and technologies. We select proposal with the potential to generate synergy our business lines and combine them with our expertize in order to make energy smarter, more efficent and accessible.

Why join us?

We are searching for tomorrow's innovators, those who are looking to change the world and who are eager to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

When you join the Open Innovability® adventure, you will gain access to our international network of Enel Innovation Hubs and our operational presence in 32 countries across five continents.

You'll have the opportunity to develop and scale-up your project with a potential market including the Enel Group, partners, clients and suppliers. Leverage your passion for technology and innovation to become a frontrunner in sustainable change with the chance to earn a cash prize for your solution.

Your ideas are key to drive this change and transform the energy sector together.


The Enel Innovation Hub network

To support the Open Innovability® vision, we created a network of hubs to capture innovation at the source in the most dynamic entepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Since the launch of the first Hub in 2016, we've expanded our network to 10 locations with more planned for the future.

Our commitment

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals that address the biggest challenges the world faces.


Are you a company looking for innovative ideas?

In our crowdsourcing platform, you and your company can publish your most formidable challenges in order to connect with innovative ideas, talent and solutions from all over the world.

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