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The power of customization: Guglielmo and Enel optimize customer experience

The power of customization: Guglielmo and Enel optimize customer experience

Enel has collaborated with Guglielmo, a technology provider that develops original hardware and software solutions in the field of wireless connectivity for the retail, industry, and public administration markets.


In today’s culture of immediacy and constant connectivity, innovative technology providers like Guglielmo are key to responding to the increasing demands of consumers who expect fast and personalized services across all sectors. 

A survey by Adobe Commerce revealed that 67% of consumers said they wanted personalized offers based on their spending habits both online and in store, while 52% of consumers believe that satisfaction improves as digital experiences become more personalized, according to Twilio Segment. Nonetheless, according to Gartner, 63% of digital marketing leaders continue to struggle to deliver personalized experiences to their customers, suggesting there are many untapped opportunities in the sector.

Guglielmo, currently focusing on the design and development of original hardware and software solutions, has been able to adapt to the consumers’ evolving demands to ensure their technology remains relevant in the changing market. Now, through their partnership with Enel, they are optimizing customer experience in Enel stores across Italy. 


Adapting to a changing technology market 

The Italian based company was founded in 2004 – before smartphones existed and the idea of connecting a laptop ‘nomadically’ posed significant technological challenges. “It seemed evident to us that the demand for wireless connectivity systems was destined for massive distribution,” explains Giovanni Guerri, CEO and Founder of Guglielmo. Having found a gap in the system, the three founders decided to apply their university education in telecommunications engineering to develop Lumen, Guglielmo’s very first platform for the management of geographic or large WiFi networks. 

“Of course, customers’ outlooks on wireless access have changed a lot over the years, so we’ve also changed as a company in terms of our approach to developing products,” Guerri affirms. Guglielmo has expanded their business from networking products to developing software products, turning the company into a fully-fledged software house that develops applications in the networking market and beyond. “So, what was fundamentally our core business, and remains an important part of what we do, has been complemented by this capacity to develop original applications in very different areas of business,” Guerri continues. 

Guglielmo has developed significant applications in a variety of fields such as marketing, mobility, customer engagement and personal security. “One of our top priorities right now is to work out how to invest considering the extent of our resources, our time and the quality of our work, so that we can develop in very different fields,” Guerri continues.


Guglielmo is optimizing Enel customer experience 

The company started working with Enel this year after winning a tender for the creation of WiFi areas in the Group’s stores across Italy. The aim of the project was to understand the habits and interests of Enel customers who visit these spaces to design personalized services and communications. The project has been fully operational for a few months, but Guglielmo aims to gather more precise data on how to effectively engage with Enel customers in the second half of 2023.

“Using WiFi network in a public space to acquire information about customers is relatively common, therefore the possibility of developing a system of this type for a partner like Enel offers us the opportunity to share a project of particular credibility and professionalism,” says Guerri. Guglielmo is very sensitive to the issue of data protection and its technology ensures the user's privacy is always protected and never disclosed without explicit consent.

“Although we are accustomed to working with large companies, the experience with Enel has been unique because despite the large size of the company and challenging procedures required, the road to success was very clear from the beginning of the project,” Guerri states. 


Responding to hidden needs through innovation 

The maturity of Guglielmo’s core products and services is a key factor that sets them apart from competitors and in 2021, they were certified as an innovative SME by Italy’s Ministry for Business and Made in Italy. When asked what innovation means to Guglielmo, Guerri responded: “Innovation means responding first to needs that can be sensed but not seen yet.” 

Today’s culture of immediacy demands companies adapt to evolving markets as rapidly as consumers’ needs change and despite the challenge, Guglielmo has managed to respond to changes through innovation. 

“Like all companies we are trying to identify the opportunities offered by the market for organic and well-planned growth. The latest investments are directing Guglielmo towards the market for professional wireless networks for industry and logistics with patented solutions that we have recently developed and that are bringing us great satisfaction,” says Guerri on the future of his company. 

In the meantime, Enel and Guglielmo will continue to optimize customer experience across the Group’s stores to ensure loyalty and satisfaction to our services.