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Innovation, efficiency and circularity for a new power box that is safer and more sustainable

Innovation, efficiency and circularity for a new power box that is safer and more sustainable


At Enel, we don’t just have an ecosystem of innovation, we have a real laboratory where we constantly identify, test and apply solutions that are increasingly efficient, convenient and sustainable in order to accelerate the journey toward a full energy transition.

Efficiency, safety and sustainability are the watchwords that guided the creation of a new power box model that was successfully installed on March 14 at our Education and Training Center in Pistoia, Italy. This innovative “smart box” is capable of combining high performance and additional capabilities for managing our grid, with a cutting-edge design that is environmentally friendly due to to the use of recyclable materials. 

This result came to fruition after a scrupulous project development that began with the winning design concept from the challenge launched by Enel Grids on our portal.  This project aligns with the principles of circular economy and represents an additional stride towards reducing carbon emissions from our electricity grids, thus allowing us to achieve the goal of making them even more sustainable, reliable and digital.

New design and integration with uses

The box has a harmonious style, which facilitates its integration into any setting (thanks to the possibility to adapt its exterior color), as well as a structure designed to maximize the capacity and functionality of the interior area. The new power box is able to accommodate a greater number of devices and apparatuses in the same amount of space.It features a "smart" terminal block that integrates remote access and automation, as well as meters capable of near real-time energy measurement throughout the grid. These features enable constant monitoring of electricity data and the gathering of useful information for analyzing and progressively improving the quality of service.

Functionality enhancement

One of the most innovative features of the new power box is certainly its high efficiency and modularity. In fact, depending on the needs presented, it is possible to put up to 3 modules inside it. An operation that is made even easier because of the enhanced ergonomics that facilitate ease of installation and maintenance. Moreover, a natural ventilation system ensures greater durability of the components thanks to improved operating conditions.


Increased sustainability and circularity

The project placed a great emphasis was placed on sustainability. The material previously used was replaced by recycled polycarbonate, a choice that ensures a two-fold benefit for the environment. It not only saves resources but, equally as important, it decreases CO2, considering the entire life cycle of the box. In addition, when the power box reaches its end-of-life, the polycarbonate can easily be removed, recycled and put to other uses. By doing this, it completely aligns withthe processes of circularity that are already standard practice and successfully done with our meters.

Efficiency, sustainability and innovation

Our new power box represents a perfect synthesis of Enel’s commitment to continually promoting concrete projects capable of initiating tangible and long-lasting benefits. As we continue this resilient path, we strive to increasingly createsustainable grid networks in harmony with territories and the communities that inhabit them.