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Kaleyra Video: Enriching customer experience with video API

Kaleyra Video: Enriching customer experience with video API

Kaleyra Video is a collaboration channel based on WebRTC technology that allows users to establish a secure audio-video channel automatically from any browser or device without installing third-party apps, instantly enhancing the customer experience.

“Innovation is a great way to simplify existing processes and activities, and find new solutions to existing problems.”
Filippo Rocca, Global Business Development, Kaleyra video


Five years ago, no one would have thought that video conferencing with your colleagues from home would become as accepted as sitting across a desk in an office. Today, our digital calendars are filled with team, client or supplier meetings online, held from the comfort of our own remote working space.

Covid-19 has caused a rise in internet searches for web and video conferencing solutions. According to Trustradius, there was a 500% increase in these searches within the first four months of the pandemic. Not surprisingly, a Global Market Insights study reveals that the video conferencing industry is expected to surpass $50 billion by 2026.

Although many video conferencing applications are available on the market, there are many barriers, such as having to download separate external software to join a meeting, corporate firewalls blocking the use of certain conferencing software, lack of experience with online meeting technology, and the overall feeling that brand presence is lost when using these conferencing tools. Filippo Rocca, Francesco Durighetto and Simone Mazzoni founded Bandyer (now Kaleyra) to take on these challenges. The result is Kaleyra Video, an integrated and branded video communication solution, available directly from an enterprise’s existing digital touchpoints, that allows users to join calls easily and quickly, enhancing corporate video conferencing experiences.


An enriched customer experience

Kaleyra Video forms part of the international API-based platform that Kaleyra provides, which offers multi-channel integrated communication services such as different forms of messaging including SMS and RCS, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, video capabilities and chatbots.

Kaleyra Video is more than just another complex video conferencing tool. It provides a seamless native video communication channel for businesses to interact with customers using any device. “When we decided to found the company, our main idea was to make video communication as easy as possible, and make it accessible even to those who are not digital experts”, explains Filippo Rocca. “The lack of personal interaction due to Covid-19 made companies and users more aware of the important role video conferencing can play in keeping the business going and nurturing long-term relationships with their clients”. Rocca and his colleagues saw the potential to transform the way companies communicate with their customers remotely by allowing them to humanize their video conferences through customizable technology.

Enel met the Kaleyra Video team a couple of years back and have been working together since then to optimize our Sales Support and Customer Care. The solution has helped our operators provide remote assistance to Enel customers via web and mobile apps. Clients and prospective clients can request support at any point during their user journey from their personal web platform or receive video support directly from an Enel employee. Moreover, there is also the possibility to schedule audio-video appointments with the operator when necessary, creating a more personalized experience for our Enel customers.


A seamless video conferencing tool

Kaleyra Video uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology to integrate this solution into new or existing business platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) systems. “Our solution does not require any external software login or download, and customers can join the call easily and quickly directly from any browser on any device”, explains Rocca. This feature has been beneficial to Enel’s customer service as it has provided customers with the ease of connecting to one of our agents without needing an advanced understanding of digital tools. They can easily interact with each other using the same enterprise’s digital touchpoints they already know. 

Video calls from Kaleyra Video can be accessed via the web through video call links for easy access within video chats for a more immersive experience, or through an existing company app which directly shows the name and logo of the company that is calling the customer.


Aside from its ability to be easily integrated into any system, “Kaleyra Video is more secure than other video conference apps, as it can be integrated within the security processes and systems that companies already use”, affirms Rocca. At Enel, the privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance, and we make sure that all data that is provided and shared is done in the most secure way possible. With Kaleyra Video, not only can we provide a new form of customer service, but we also make sure that these conferences and any files shared are protected in Enel’s secure network.

Kaleyra Video can be customized with the name, logo and colors of the company, allowing it to verify its brand identity and recognition, thus avoiding any phishing problems. These benefits all come together to provide a complete collaboration tool unlike others on the market. 


Sustainability powered by video

The beauty of this product is that it enhances the user experience across many corporate verticals and markets. Kaleyra Video currently works with many industries across the globe. These include financial institutions, retail companies, utilities, insurance companies, human resources firms and digital healthcare organizations. Its responsiveness and ability to customize and privatize video conferencing has allowed it to boost customer satisfaction by quickly solving client needs with a simple call or by offering collaborative tools such as whiteboards, file sharing, recording features, etc.

The company promotes digitalization by allowing individuals to communicate directly from the digital touchpoints they use daily, optimizing time and efficiency and reducing costs. Aside from this, Rocca mentions that “the use of our embedded video collaboration solution contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy, by using a digital communication channel to interact and collaborate with clients”.


100% customer satisfaction

Despite the many obstacles faced at the start of the pandemic, Kaleyra Video has been able to rise to the occasion and make an impact on many corporations around the world. Rocca asserts that “Enel allowed us to work and deal with international customers and teams, helping us to tailor our offer to also suit the needs of global clients and companies”.

As the enterprise continues to grow, Rocca indicates that they “are currently developing Analytics, AR and AI functionalities; we’re committed to bringing continuous innovation and further developing our ability to meet the needs of our customers”. The company proves that innovation is resilient, even in times of crisis. In Rocca’s opinion: “Innovation is a great way to simplify existing processes and activities, and find new solutions to existing problems”.