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Make My Day: an integrated AI solution for electric vehicles

Make My Day: an integrated AI solution for electric vehicles

The fully integrated artificial intelligence app, Make My Day, optimizes route planning for electric vehicle drivers and facilitates a more organized and efficient driving experience.


It’s not so rare anymore for us to be walking down the street without hearing a sound and, suddenly, we have a car next to us. These quiet and sustainable electric vehicles are increasingly present on our roads, as they are becoming more affordable and, in some cases, cheaper to drive than traditional cars powered by fossil fuels. The technology behind them not only makes way for a futuristic user experience, but also contributes to the EU’s goal to become climate neutral by 2050. 

Researchers have estimated that more than 90% of all passenger vehicles in the United States, Canada and Europe will be electric by 2040. However, despite these predictions and although these vehicles offer a variety of benefits, many people remain skeptical. The fact that charging stations are not as widely distributed as gas stations certainly adds to adoption barriers: whether we are running errands nearby or traveling across borders, finding ourselves low on gas, or in this case energy charge, can be a nuisance. 

In order to optimize their use, electric cars require a certain level of route planning. It is this logistical challenge that led entrepreneur Cnaan Aviv to discover a significant pain point that needed to be solved. His eureka moment stemmed from a trip to Europe, where he recalls using electric vehicles, but also discovering that planning a full day was frustrating and hard due to the lack of charging stations. “I found myself checking one application to find a charging station, another for my meetings and a third for navigation”, confesses Aviv. He adds, “sometimes, driving one direction for a meeting, I found myself driving back the same road just to reach a charging station”. After having personally experienced this inconvenience, Aviv decided to collaborate with his friend and innovator Nisan Katz to found Make My Day.


A travel companion for a seamless journey

Make My Day is an Israeli-based B2B startup that uses a smart, decision-based algorithm for electronic vehicle driving assistance. The main goal of the Make My Day app is to provide a sustainable and integrated solution that serves as part of the user journey, both on the road and off, in a holistic way. “Our fully integrated solution considers many parameters, ranging from the charging station, driver, battery, vehicle, calendar, roads and more”, details Aviv. This connection allows the artificial intelligence (AI) software to create optimal driving routes whether it be for a day, a week or even months at a time. Aviv goes on to mention that the technology can be “integrated through an API to be used immediately or as a cool, easy-to-use interface with a white label brand”. This feature enables the startup’s solution to be fully customizable for any business’s needs.


The startup focuses on targeting other businesses, such as vehicle fleets and B2B2C solutions, integrating the algorithm and software into existing applications and vendor software. According to Aviv, Make My Day differentiates itself by “working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that provide their data via the connected car infrastructure, supporting Bluetooth connectivity inside the vehicle and installing a telematic device that reads data through the vehicle”.

The EV market was largely unaffected by the extraordinary circumstances and challenges that emerged in 2020. Companies are now more focused than ever on gearing their efforts and commitment towards sustainability. “Demand is increasing, in the light of growing concerns about air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions exacerbating the effects of global warming and climate change”, insists co-founder Katz. He adds that “with Make My Day, there will be fewer barriers for drivers and fleets operating in Europe to switch to electric vehicles, and with this transition, there will be less air pollution in Europe and less dependence on gasoline and oil”. The startup has a huge potential to impact sustainability, as they assert: “We estimate that within 5 years, Make My Day can help save 2,300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year”.


An intertwined road with Enel

Currently, the company is focusing on active participation in the European market, especially in countries such as Italy, England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Israel. “The collaboration with Enel X is a big opportunity for us to grow in the European and international market”, Katz points out. Indeed, to contribute to Enel’s mission to constantly drive sustainable progress, our Enel X business division has a major focus on electric charging solutions and fleets – and co-creating the app alongside Make My Day played a crucial role in innovating our processes. 

Make My Day has been able to test the solution through our Enel Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv, in addition to other Innovation Hubs in Italy. “We have quite interesting new features and solutions we are planning to add”, affirms Aviv. From machine learning and digital twin technology to vehicle-to-vehicle optimization, Make My Day is a startup set for success.

Katz sums up the ideology of innovation by mentioning that it is about “being creative and original”, adding that “too often in the industry, people confuse innovation with technology; but technology is simply a tool and innovation is about pushing for new ideas that are going to benefit the world and society as a whole”. So let's work together to push these ideas forward, and create a more sustainable world driven by electric cars.