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Nozomi, cybersecurity an opportunity to innovate

Nozomi, cybersecurity an opportunity to innovate

Since 2015, our Group has been working with Nozomi Networks, an Italian startup that has developed a digital and automated cybersecurity system for the control of industrial plants. Tailor-made and real-time responses and production of useful data for increasingly advanced solutions.


Protection, flexibility, and scalability. These are the three keystones of the collaboration between our Group and Nozomi Networks, an Italian startup, based in Silicon Valley, specialising in corporate cybersecurity solutions.

Since 2015, Enel’s strategic asset control procedures have included automatic mapping, real-time data production, and tailored responses using multiple application models. In this way, possible risks or anomalies are quickly identified and the number of problems to be addressed is also reduced. All cybersecurity information is then shared in the IT and OT environments

The collaboration involves our Group’s Innovability® team, as well as the Global Digital Solutions function and Cyber Security, and covers more than 30 countries in which we are present. Supporting more than 250,000 devices in the critical infrastructure and energy sectors, including manufacturing, mining, transportation and utilities, Nozomi Networks can also analyse the evolution of cyber risks on a broad scale. Thanks to our networks and their respective know-how, we are able to progressively implement not only the levels of protection, but also to obtain new information useful for innovating the entire system architecture. Every challenge is always a step forward.

Find out more about cybersecurity systems by watching the video that shows our collaboration with the startup Nozomi.