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Enel and Mercatus unite to scale digital transformation

Enel and Mercatus unite to scale digital transformation

Mercatus leverages a successful four-year working history within Enel’s Renewable Energies Group. It has already produced double-digit productivity increases, and plans to expand the partnership. 

Mercatus leverages a successful four-year working history within Enel’s Renewable Energies Group. It has already produced double-digit productivity increases, and plans to expand the partnership. This will offer Enel’s top management end-to-end visibility and control with increased growth and profitability across all of the Group’s businesses.


Key Statistics:

  • Successfully working with Enel since the beginning of 2015

  • 750+ Enel users on platform across seven departments

  • 20+ workshops and 50+ management meetings to date

  • Consistently building the top management vision of having an end-to-end solution; scaling Enel’s digital transformation driving productivity and exponential growth

  • 12,000+ man hours of deep knowledge of Enel processes, needs, opportunities and challenges balanced against 150+ man years of energy industry and business domain experience


Company Background

Mercatus was created by founders Tim Buchner (COO) and Haresh Patel (CEO). It began in Silicon Valley as an Investment Bank working with large investors and asset owners to source and acquire renewable energy assets. After two years in business, the founders built a platform for themselves to drive greater scale within their organisation. The idea was to have a single efficient platform to collect, manage, and distribute data between developers and investors.

In 2012, the founders made the decision to market the software platform after recognising that a vast majority of investors were not equipped with adequate software across their investment lifecycle. They saw that there was a consistent reliance on email, spreadsheets and presentations to make decisions regarding their investment processes. The objective of the Mercatus platform was to increase transparency of information in the better management and visibility of data, thus removing risk and uncertainty from such investment deals to maximise their profit potential.

The end result was a fully democratised data management software platform that functions as an all-in-one platform across the investment lifecycle to ensure energy and power companies can “trust” the data used to make investment decisions. The solution provides organisations with a single source for all data, workflow, reporting and business intelligence with a key focus on enabling real-time decisions and post-investment analysis. Combined the software platform ensures each organisation is building a consistent learning enterprise to help minimise risk and maximise profitability.

Six years later, Mercatus is one of the most widely adopted investment and asset management platforms in the energy and power sector. It operates in more than 100 countries with over $450B assets and investments under management. As Mercatus continues to grow, the company envisions itself becoming “the” platform of choice amongst the largest asset owners, funds and investors in the energy and power sectors. It also sees itself becoming the “industry standard” for how projects are originated, managed and transacted.


Partnership with Enel

In 2015, Mercatus partnered with Enel, the global leader in renewable energies, after several meetings with Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Global Renewable Energies. Buchner recalls their initial meeting was fortuitous as Cammisecra was “looking to rebuild his business development platform from the ground up to scale productivity and collaboration for business development and their workings other departments, while creating a data-driven learning organisation.” Buchner adds that “finding Mercatus was perfect timing as we were a for-purpose platform designed to accomplish such needs and scale.”

Fast forward to 2018, Mercatus’ European Headquarters has now been in Rome for four years with three dedicated employees and growing working across Enel. Mercatus has stepped up for Enel as a truly differentiated solution provider with its deep domain experience across the investment lifecycle and for-purpose platform design for the energy industry. Mercatus is enabling Enel’s Global Renewable Energies Business Line to operate holistically to achieve Cammisecra’s vision by enhancing the Division’s ability to efficiently make decisions with real-time insights while optimising its continued profitable growth and continuous learning.

As a result of this partnership, the success and scale Mercatus brought to Enel appears across the world, and Mercatus continues to be recognised as a leading global energy investment and asset management platform. The dedication from Enel Group has been instrumental in positioning Mercatus. The two companies have established a collaborative relationship, which has allowed Mercatus to consistently test innovative new ideasreceive real-time feedback, and enable it to continue improving its products and services for the rest of the energy industry.

Today, Mercatus is one of the most widely adopted platforms within Enel’s Global Renewables Business Line, serving as its unifying platform for the investment lifecycle decision-making. The software platform is now used by more than 750 employees across seven departments.

Mercatus’s CEO, Haresh Patel, believes that this progressive partnership has the power to revolutionise the energy sector, commenting that “whenever you take a market game-changing product and offer it to a market game-changing customer, there is the opportunity of creating something significantly greater than the sum of the two.” In this sense, Patel envisions that together, both companies “can help the world transform how people leverage and utilise data. We think our combined vision can make Enel become an exponential growth organisation.”