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We are creating new opportunities to drive the energy transition

If you have an innovative idea and are looking to make it grow, we want to connect with you

+ 15,500

Scouted startups

We collaborate with startups and SMEs able to provide solutions that can offer our clients new, dynamic and efficient services.

Activated startups

We support startups and SMEs by providing them with the necessary resources to develop pilot projects that have a real-world impact. Thanks to these collaborations, an estimated €280M of supply contracts have been awarded.


We seek to reinterpret innovative technologies that provide value and have the potential to be scaled up at a global level.
The hub & lab network

Where innovation takes shape

Our global hubs and labs work hand in hand with startups and SMEs to develop technological solutions and conduct pilot projects by giving access to our global industrial assets, laboratories, experts and relevant data, as well as our network of over 70 million customers. This allows solvers to be supported throughout the entire process and emphasizes our open power mindset.

When the test phase has been completed, the new solutions and business models are scaled up internationally, making full use of Enel’s global network.

Explore our Hubs & Labs

Take a look at the map below to learn how each Hub and Lab contributes to sustainable progress!


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Fast-track to sustainable collaboration

Our Open Innovability® methodology provides a fast track for startups to build a successful PoC and dive into the energy industry. A simple process to make scaling-up your business easier and more accessible.

Simplified qualification

A quicker qualification process, with fewer technical and economic requirements and fully dedicated support.

Standard contract

A simple, flexible and easy to understand contract to develop Proof of Concept (PoC) together.

Advanced payment

Startups can obtain a 30% advance on payment at signing.

Reduced payment time

Startups benefit from reduced payment time (starting from 30 days).

Fully digital experience

A digitally streamlined process at every step of the collaboration journey.

Fostering scale-ups

Support startups in their growth after a successful PoC.

What’s in it for you?

Our collaborators receive support throughout the entire solution-building journey.

Receive financial rewards

Apply to challenges to become a frontrunner in sustainable change with the chance to win prizes for your solutions.

Co-create a pilot project

Work with our teams and test your solution with our resources.

Gain access to the Enel innovation ecosystem

Connect with investors and financial institutions to obtain funding, with accelerators and incubators to strengthen your solution, with experts to fine-tune your offering and with relevant players to scale-up.

Success stories

Discover the startup collaborations creating solutions with real-world impact.