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A new era: Welcome to openinnovability.com

A new unified website makes Enel’s Open Innovability® experience more seamless for startups and innovation stakeholders than ever before.


The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed into another form. The same happens with Open Innovability®. We have reshaped the way we work with hundreds of challenges to transform business models and drive the energy transition. For this reason, today we are proud to welcome you to a new age of innovation and sustainability through Enel’s newest website: openinnovability.com.

Innovation knows no bounds, and neither do we. The launch of this new website streamlines Enel’s entire innovation process and the innovation journey all in one place. Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability® Officer, affirms that “innovation must be spread to ensure sustainability for the entire company: society changes; markets and technologies change; customers’ needs and tastes change”.

When you open a company to collaborate with external stakeholders, it is necessary to do it digitally. You must allow your employees and people outside the company to interact constantly and quickly with each other in an agile way and digital collaboration is the way to do this. This is why we have fused startup.enel.com and openinnovability.com into a single unified platform.

By bringing together our solution crowdsourcing site and our startup hub and lab network into a single platform, we are making it easier for people all over the world to reach us and connect. This digital space invites startups, SMEs, universities, VCs, corporates, individuals, employees and all innovation stakeholders to come together, participate in our journey and witness Open Innovability® at full throttle.

All of Open Innovability® in one place

Openinnovability.com is for anyone who seeks to transform their innovative ideas into impactful projects to help us lead the energy transition. Discover our entire global innovation Hub and Lab ecosystem, broad network of partners and collaborators, and how you can take the fast track to sustainable collaborations with Enel. Through our Open Innovability® methodology, startups can build a successful PoC and dive into the energy industry.

Why is this so unique? At Enel, we provide a simplified qualification process, an easy-to-understand contract made for startups, up to 30% advanced payment at the time of signing and reduced payment times that startups can benefit from. We also offer our startups a fully digital experience throughout the collaboration process as well as technical and economic support to foster the scale-up after a successful PoC.

To join, all you have to do is find an open challenge that relates to your solution and register through our platform. Once you have gathered all the necessary submission materials, submit the provided form and our Open Innovability® team will contact you if you are the right match and guide you through the next steps of collaboration.


We aim to help startups grow and offer insights on trending topics and entrepreneurial tips. On the new site, our startup success stories demonstrate how this collaborative methodology has led to real-world impacts; there is also a new media section, designed to keep you informed of our latest activities. At Enel, we know that there are many great minds in the world and in order to achieve the best results we must leverage everyone’s expertise.

Gain full access to the Enel Innovation ecosystem

"To innovate we must involve the best talent in the world,” as Ciorra reminds us. With over 70 million Enel customers, 11,000 startups scouted and 110 scaled-up solutions, we are constantly looking for new collaborations and new ways to disrupt the market. We do this in order to be more open as a company, promote a collaborative corporate culture, understand when help is needed and develop unconditional trust with our customers.

If you are looking to scale-up your solution or business model internationally with a fast-track collaboration process, openinnovability.com is where it can happen.


Dive into our crowdsourcing section where you can present your solution to a challenge or a project unrelated to a specific challenge. Active challenges offer both financial and non-financial rewards so you can grow your startup and scale-up your solution in a flexible way. If your startup is chosen, you may also have the opportunity to work with our international teams and test your solution as you co-create a pilot project with one of our global business lines.

Finally, our new streamlined site also allows corporations to publish their own challenges in order to connect with innovative ideas, talent and solutions from all over the world: Enel Open Innovability® is here to help you define, publish and manage these innovative and sustainable challenges.

As Ciorra says, “being innovative means being ready for change”. Are you ready for a new age of innovation?

All of Innovability® in one place.