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Enel and startups, how we are working together


Startups enable Enel to innovate more rapidly than it could do alone. That’s why it selects them and helps them grow and develop innovative products and services, then introduces them to venture capitalists throughout the world. This process was described by Ernesto Ciorra, Enel’s Chief Innovability® Officer, in an interview published on the StartupItalia site and recorded last December at the StartupItalia Open Summit, which brings together Italy’s best startups. The 2018 event saw the participation of 11,000 people1,500 startups and 223 speakers. Our Chief Innovability® Officer was one of the top contributors. 

Enel gives startups the opportunity to grow and raise their profile, improving their business potential in the over 30 countries where Group is present. All in all, it’s a classic win-win situation: “There are companies in Italy that didn’t exist three or four years ago but are now worth two or three hundred million euro,” says Ciorra. 

Ciorra sees digitalisation, one of the technology sectors with the highest rate of innovation, as a means rather than an end in itself – we are individuals, and we want to communicate with other real people. As a result, the hottest digital trends of the next few years will be those that focus on “people’s dreams, desires and passions.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Ernesto Ciorra