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Protecting sustainable inventions with intellectual property management

Protecting sustainable inventions with intellectual property management

To honor World Intellectual Property Day, Enel explains the connection between IP and sustainable innovation by revealing how IP is built into our Open Innovability® ecosystem.


In the Open Innovability® ecosystem, Intellectual Property (IP) plays a key role in the protection and valorization of the innovative solutions created and developed internally or in collaboration with third parties. For Enel, IP is an essential part of regulating and facilitating the sharing of ideas, technologies and knowledge that come from Enel’s people, as well as from startups, universities, research institutes, suppliers and consultants. In this scenario, IP is not – as it may seem at first glance – in contrast with an open innovation model, but actually constitutes a pivotal element for sustainable and profitable growth.

This ambitious view of IP is in line with World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated on April 26 every year. This year’s theme, “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future”, focuses on how young people can foster innovation and creativity for a sustainable future through IP rights.



IP at Enel

Enel is strongly renewing its commitment to a strategic, responsible and sustainable management of IP with the adoption of new organizational procedures and with a qualitative and quantitative disclosure of the Group’s IP portfolio, which is included in the Enel Group's non-financial reporting and based on a continuous codification and monitoring of IP rights.

On one hand, Enel’s IP Management procedure is designed according to the standard principles of ISO 56005:2021 “Innovation management - Tools and methods for intellectual property management” and is connected to our Trade Secrets Management procedures, which define the rules for the right protection, management and internal and external circulation of the trade secrets of the Group.

This procedure also aligns with our Open Innovability® philosophy because it encompasses a holistic view of IP, with a focus on people, widespread innovation, and measurability. In this way, when startups and other third parties propose a solution to one of our challenges, they are sure to feel secure and protected in sharing their new ideas.

On the other hand, this new internal, non-financial reporting process has enabled us to identify and valorize the IP linked to ground-breaking innovations like Grid Blue Sky, which re-engineers the operative model of the grids, or Enel Green Power’s 3SUN, the factory developing materials, methods, and knowledge for a new generation of photovoltaics.

Enel holds 146 technology patent families. Our portfolio also includes 1,455 granted trademarks, 15 utility models, and 170 design registrations. This extensive and diverse portfolio is just a glimpse into the work we do to ensure that innovative solutions are properly valorized. We invest in high-density IP across all our business lines. At Enel Green Power, we have developed innovative solutions aimed at increasing photovoltaic generation and implementing the automatable installation of solar panels. At Enel X, we have recently been focusing on telemedicine and urban liveability platforms by co-designing the Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli app and the 15 Minute City Index, which are supported by strategic IP rights such as copyright and trade secrets so that they can have a lasting impact. In the context of e-Mobility, we have protected and helped grow Juice Media and Juice Pole Mini, two innovative charging stations for electric vehicles, through design protection for their aesthetic forms.


Enel has implemented an internal IP Portal, where employees are encouraged to submit their inventions and are supported step-by-step in the process of securing the most appropriate IP protection.

IP is at the core of our Open Innovability® ecosystem, both internally and externally. That’s because at Enel, we know that there’s more to innovation than just good ideas.

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