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Enel & Academic Partners

A holistic vision of tools, facilities and services in the framework of Enel’s academic partnership agreements.


Academic Partners

Extending the frontiers of our knowledge through Enel Group’s Academic Partnerships.


A unique offer of technological capabilities to empower Enel’s research projects with new ideas.


Education opportunities offered by Academic Partners to support high caliber minds in their personal development pathway.

We4U program: Enel & Academia open dialogue platform

World energy for Universities (We4U) is the Enel Group’s Academic Partnership Program steered by Enel Foundation and aimed at fostering a constant and multidisciplinary dialogue with universities and research institutes, focusing on the challenges posed by the energy transition.

This page includes the main tools for taking the most from the Global Partnerships with Universities and Research Institutions: the Laboratories and Training sections focus on what our Academic Partners have to offer (labs developing innovative solutions and training opportunities for our colleagues); the Mentoring section summarizes teaching activities that Enel colleagues provide for Academic Partners, sharing their direct knowledge in the clean energy space; in the “Contact us to send your Request for Proposal to Academic Partners” section you can share with the We4U managing team your research or education needs, to collect project proposals that our Academic Partners can put together to start further collaborations with the Enel Group.


Realizing new ideas through invention

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Connect people, increase knowledge

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Supporting high caliber minds in their personal development pathway and future endeavors leveraging the Education opportunities offered by Academic Partners.

Contact us to send your Request for proposal to Academic Partners

In the framework of the Global Academic Partnership Agreements, if you need to plan a study, an activity or a project with one or more of our Academic Partners, please use this section to send your request for a proposal.