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Lorenzo Rambaldi

Head of Innovability® – Enel X Way

Lorenzo Rambaldi is Head of Innovability® at Enel X Way. He coordinates innovative product and service development activities, as well as new business incubation. Since joining Enel in 2015, he has gained experience in the fields of renewable energy, energy storage, and electric mobility. He is an occasional lecturer in several Master's and graduate courses on the topics of Innovation and Sustainability.

Previously, he worked for a multinational technology company dealing first with leading the Energy Storage solutions development team for the EMEA market and later as Sales Engineering manager for the same geographical area. He was involved in the coordination of multicultural teams and the development and execution of international projects for customers operating in the US, Europe and Japan, and this provided him with valuable international and multi-cultural experience.

Lorenzo holds a Ph.D. in Energy Systems with a research focus on Electric Mobility and a Master’s in Energy Engineering. He has published papers in more than 10 scientific publications in the field of electric mobility and smart grids.

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