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Make it happen! FAQ

1.      What makes Make it happen! program unique? 

Several factors:

  • It promotes the spontaneous experimentation.

  • It allows to unleash the power of the many.

  • It allows Enel to improve the so called “Abrasion”(1) meaning the capability to create a marketplace of ideas where people are encouraged to show their full selves at work, to share their strengths with colleagues from other areas, to take risks, to raise questions, even to disagree! Abrasion exist once people keep pushing and challenging one another until they’ve developed a robust pipeline of viable options that are not only creative but also useful—that address a real problem or opportunity.

  • It allows Enel colleagues to take part in the front lines of leading the change at Enel.

  • It represents an opportunity to test personal creativity and determination.

  • It allows Enel colleagues to share their ideas to the Directors of Enel.

And… whether they succeed or not, it allows them to acquire an experience that will bear fruit in the long term and that will always be part of their cultural baggage.


(1) Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation (Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, Kent Lineback)


2.      What will I learn by the end of the program?

Essentially, you will put in practice your (maybe) hidden entrepreneurial attitude, you will experience that any dysfunctions you perceive in your working model, operations, customer satisfaction etc. might be offset and renewed just with a good solution, a great team and proactivity. Moreover, if your solution is a New Business Model, you might even improve all the skills and knowledge necessary to launch it.

3.      Is there a prerequisite to participate to this program?

No, there are no prerequisites for this program, only a strong desire to learn, contribute and grow.

4.      If I apply and my idea is rejected, can I participate with another project and or team? 

Yes of course! You must do it


5.      Can I submit an idea on which I am already working outside of Enel?

Yes you can, the important thing is that your idea does not infringe any rights of third parties.


6.      Can a project be uploaded as “global” from the beginning (not linked specifically to any country)?

No, it can't, because in order to upload it all the fields of the Application form must be filled in. Any open Issue should be addressed to the program support team, please write to makeithappen@enel.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


7.      Is there any way I can know, through the Program, if a Business Line is already working on an idea I would like to upload (to prevent double work and create synergies with what has been already developed)?

Of course. You might ask to the program support team. Please write to makeithappen@enel.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


8.      If I like one of the ideas which has been uploaded by another team, can I get in touch with the team that submitted the idea? 

Yes of course you can. If you go to the section “all ideas” in the Home Page and select the idea you will see the proposer name in the details.


9.      If I have an idea which is similar to another one which has already been uploaded, how can we create synergies? 

The composition of the team cannot be changed during the journey. Exceptional circumstances will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Thus, please get in touch with the program support team (makeithappen@enel.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page) to address the point.

10.      Can I access the website, regulation, tool kit and other material related to the Program in my native language?  

The Platform is available in 4 languages: Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese. The toolkit materials available to participants are in English.

Teams may complete the initial Application form in their mother tongue, but the documents attached to the Application form and/or when booking the Pitch Day must be prepared in English.

The language of the Pitch Day presentation will depend on the composition of the teams and will be notified to all participants in good time.

11.      What if I have questions during the Program? Who can support me?

Throughout the program there is a dedicated program support team that will provide assistance. You can get in touch with it by email makeithappen@enel.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

12.      What happens if my boss doesn’t agree that I take part in the program and more specifically in the Green Journey Acceleration phase? 

Make it happen! is a program designed by Innovability® and PO Functions together. Any issue could be shared with the program support team (that includes PO members) to be addressed. Please write to makeithappen@enel.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, in case you’ve chosen the Green Journey, the PO will be activated starting from the outcomes of the Pre Pitch evaluation.


13.      During the acceleration phase teams might be involved full time in the project. What happens to their regular job? 

The team members might interrupt their regular Job for the acceleration phase (maximum 6 months). 


14.      How are the units they belong to, supported during the acceleration phase? What happens at the end of the acceleration phase?

The PO will be activated starting from the outcomes of the Pre Pitch evaluation to start addressing any possible organizational issue that might arise. At the end of the acceleration phase the team members are reassigned to their original functions.

15.      If I submit an idea that does not pass a phase, can I “delete” my idea and apply a new idea (with the same or with another team)?

Yes of course you can!!!

In general, when a team’s idea is rejected the next steps depend on the feedback and the idea’s phase:

if the team’s idea is rejected during the Preliminary Assessment, it can start again with the same idea, improved due to the feedbacks (if the latter are improvement ones), otherwise the idea could be definitively deleted depending on the feedback motivation.

The same thing happens if the team’s idea is rejected during the Pitch day:

  • if the idea is good according to the criteria, but it’s not ready for acceleration or implementation (as an example, due to lack of information), the team, after developing the improvements according to the feedbacks, can turn to Design Phase and book again for another Pitch Day.

  •  If the idea is not good according to the criteria, the team can apply again with a brand new one: it always depends on the rejecter’s motivation! 


16.      If I upload a “blue journey idea”, I would like to keep working on it till it goes live. Why is this not possible?

The involved BL/Function will implement the idea according to its process and organization. You will be reassigned to your original unit, however nobody prevents you from cooperating on voluntary basis in the implementation activities.

17.      How have the mentors been selected? Could I volunteer to become a mentor?

Mentors are selected on volunteer basis. If you want to become a Mentor, please write to the program support team: makeithappen@enel.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


18.      What kind of support will us receive by the internal and External Mentors?

Mentors are colleagues within the Enel Group, or external experts drawn from international start-up ecosystems, who make themselves available for giving the teams advice and suggestions.

Teams may contact one or more Mentors to draw on their knowledge and/or experience. Mentors provide support to requesting teams at their sole discretion.

The list of internal Mentors will be available starting from the Application phase as part of the “Start-up Toolkit”, while the list of external Mentors will be visible starting from the design phase only for the teams that have proposed New Business Models (Green Journey).


19.      Are the internal mentors active only in the application phase? 

The internal mentors will be available to offer support from the application phase, during the team’s path and until the end of program. The list of internal mentors will available on the landing page of Make it happen!, in the toolkit section: each one can read it and call one or more mentors also before the application or after or in progress.

20.      How much time is required/estimated in average for taking part in this program (in terms of hours per day/week…)?

In the design phase it depends on you! The activities relating to this phase may be carried out on top of the work tasks. The acceleration phase (only for New Business Models, Green Journey) might involve you full time up to a maximum of 6 months.


21.      If I work over time for my project, how should I manage this time on my “time/presence” program/sheet? 

Since in the blue path and the green one before acceleration the extra work dedicated to the Make it happen! project should be on top of normal activities, there is no extra time planned. This activity should be undertaken within our own flexibility allowance on the timing schedule.

22.      Is there any explicit reward system for taking part in the program or “winning” (eg. money, leave from work, promotion, etc)?

The type of rewarding we aim at lies within the opportunity to express and display your ideas to a very selected team of directors and managers, which in turn is the ability to self-develop. You will be able to grow professionally through their mentorship and feedback and this alone is a very exclusive path to take.

23.      Green/Blue journey: if the outcome of Pitch Day voting is “no go”, why does the property of the idea remain property of Enel?

According to the Regulation “all the know-how and materials used and developed with regard to ideas submitted or developed in order to participate in the “Make it happen!” Program (hereinafter, the “Intellectual Property”) will be the exclusive property of Enel SpA”. Hence, will be included every document (including the design phase) and more in general the entire know- how developed and submitted by the participating teams, which will become exclusive property of Enel S.p.A.. The above also if the idea is rejected. Having obtained the exclusive property of such know-how and materials, participants shall not be allowed to use such Intellectual Property in any way, unless Enel S.p.A.. 

The provisions of the regulations do apply to the participants, without prejudice to the provisions of the relevant national law about employees' intellectual property rights.


24.      If Enel “makes money” out of an idea presented by a team, will participants benefit from this?

No, they won’t because according to the Regulation by accepting its conditions participants declare and accept that all the know-how and materials used and developed with regard to ideas submitted or developed in order to participate in the “Make it happen!” Program (hereinafter, the “Intellectual Property”) will be the exclusive property of Enel SpA.

25.      Is there any Budget set aside for the Program?

Yes! The Budget will cover the costs for the Acceleration phase. The Green Journey team, once they get the Pitch approval, they will receive all the guidelines for Budget expenses.

26.      Do the new business models have to be strictly related to “Energy”?

They must be aligned to Enel’s strategy and values while having the capability to generate revenue and to open new markets or to leverage the existing ones. 


27.      What happens if a team decides to abandon its project? (Example: a team enters the design phase, and before the pitch day they decide to abandon, is that possible? 

Yes, of course. The teams can decide to abandon their project at any time.


28.      Is it possible to select/browse ideas which have been submitted by other participants? 

Yes of course you can. In “All ideas” section on the platform you can have a look to the ideas already uploaded by other participants (title, team leader and abstract).

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