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What we offer

Starting from real business needs, we support you in developing your solution and growing your business.

… through a personalized program

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Defining the right timings and milestones together

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Supporting you based on your specific goals, wherever you are


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Meeting with our experts and network to test, improve and showcase your solution

Startup journey

This unique program is designed to help you test and scale up your solution with us through the following journey:



Why Enel

Enel is leading the energy transition through Open Innovation, technology and sustainability. Join the best venture partner for startups in the energy sector.


Private Renewable Player (1)
Private Network Operator
Customers worldwide
Countries of presence
Pilots with startups
Scaleup with startups

Continuously growing by 2030

EV Charging points
Grid customers
Renewable capacity

1 - By installed capacity


Why on digital

Digitalization is our mantra. This is why Enel is going to invest more than 9 B€ by 2030 to digitalize our assets, be part of our digitalization.


in investments by 2030
to complete the digitalization of our assets

What we are looking for

We seek the best early-stage startups working in digital technologies to develop and scale breakthrough solutions related to Our Technological Priorities.

We are always open to evaluate your proposal. Join us!

See the terms of use when applying.

Digital success​ stories

Discover digital startups and impactful collaborations with Enel.​


After a gap analysis phase performed together, we will define a collaboration plan to help you develop your solution and grow your startup.

You will work side by side with Enel experts to test your solution, we will pay for the PoC and we will give you access to data, labs, and other relevant assets that will be crucial for the technical aspects of your project.
In the meantime, our partner, a global player in open innovation and corporate venture, will provide you with tailored support in key areas

Any early-stage digital startup —a company in the development phase— that:

a) Provides a solution with an interesting use case for Enel

b) Has developed a working prototype or MVP

c) Is registered as a legal entity

Startups that already participated or has been selected for accelerated programs can also apply. Oh, and there are no geographical restrictions! 

On this page, you will find a button labeled “Apply now!” which will take you to the application form.

We are always open to receiving proposals. In other words: no, there is no deadline.

Yes! If your solutions met the above requirements (also stated in the terms and conditions) you can submit more than one solution.

Once the application form is submitted it’s not possible to apply any changes. If you want to modify, clarify or correct your documents, please reach out using the contact form in this page.

There is no fixed duration. Our goal is to support great startups scale and grow their business. Enel Digital Energy is not a standard acceleration program with cohorts. It’s a dynamic program in which startups are always welcome to join.

No, the Program will be operated remotely. However, applicants will be able to benefit from our onsite support with experts, working space, labs and testing facilities as well as networking events.

The official language of the Program is English. Please submit you application form in English.

We support you in developing your solution by paying for a prototype of your technology and the costs associated with its integration and validation. This payment is considered revenue. We cover all costs related to the integration and validation of your technology, including materials, travel expenses, etc. Once we define a use case with all the requirements, you will be able to propose a budget.

No, the program is free. However, we will evaluate with you, case by case, if an option on a minority equity share or a SAFE can be included in the proposed collaboration agreement.

Your application will be reviewed by our Digital Units who will assess all the crucial elements in order to be successful: Solution fit, Use case, Team, Project Status and Business Potential for Enel.

Our Digital Units will evaluate your proposal and, if your solution is applicable to our Business, we will contact you to discuss next steps; if not, we will let you know within a couple of weeks.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact us


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